Cruise Passengers, Take Note: The New Cure for Seasickness


Researchers at Imperial College London believe they have found an alternative new cure for the common bout of seasickness, with the rather surprising use of a mobile phone app.

After studying the effects an electrical device had on volunteers seated in a chair simulating a rocking boat, the developers of this new technology created an app to make the treatment more accessible. The app supposedly combats seasickness and other kinds of motion nausea by applying a small electric current to the scalp through a headset.

The big appeal for users is that the current, which would be applied to the left side of the head, wouldn’t cause the same level of drowsiness as the best seasickness pills.

“We are confident that within five to ten years people will be able to walk into the chemist and buy and [sic]anti-sickness device,” lead researcher Qadeer Arshad said.

“It may be something like a ‘tens’ machine that is used for back pain. We hope it might even integrate with a mobile phone, which would be able to deliver the small amount of electricity via the headjack.”

Scientists believe the mild current would feel like a tingle, and interfere with the part of the brain that processes motion signals. Crucially, it would come without side effects.

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