Why Australians are the Least Spontaneous Travellers


According to recent research from global travel search engine Skyscanner, Aussies are world champions when it comes to trip planning.

The study found that Aussies plan for holidays an average of 11 weeks in advance of departure date, nearly 2.5 weeks longer than the global average.

The top reasons for our lack of spontaneity include Australia’s remote geographical location and the rising cost of international travel due to a weakening Aussie dollar.

“Australians are understandably playing it safe and planning ahead, giving themselves as much time as possible to try to get the best deal for flights, hotels and even car hire,” says Alana Saphin-Polchleb, Head of Marketing, Skyscanner, Oceania region.

Interestingly, planning time differs from place to place for international Australian travellers. On average, Aussies spend 9.7 weeks planning for travel to Bali, 10 weeks for nearby New Zealand, 13 weeks for the UK, and 17.8 weeks to visit Los Angeles, compared to the 5.8 weeks for domestic travel.

The only two countries to start booking their trips earlier than Australia are New Zealand and Malaysia. The most spontaneous country was China, with travellers planning holidays five weeks before takeoff, due largely to their rising middle-class who have started traveling to more overseas destinations.

Average search period for booking travel:

New Zealand 12 weeks

Malaysia 11 weeks

Australia 11 weeks

UK 9.8 weeks

Japan 9 weeks

US 8 weeks

China 5 weeks


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