World Tourism Day and the Future of Travel


On this World Tourism Day, a travel insurance industry representative shares his perspective on the past – and future – of travel.

“In the 1970s, we sent postcards to family and friends, used travellers’ cheques to pay our way and dragged trunk style bags along,” said Chief Market Manager of Allianz Global Assistance, Damien Arthur.

According to Mr. Arthur, based on how much travel had evolved in the last 40-years, almost anything is possible.

“Now, we update our Facebook status or post Instagram pic, use travel money cards and credit cards, and use lightweight luggage on wheels.”

He said the future of travel looks even further removed from the way we travelled last century.

“Whether it’s commercial space travel, virtual reality destination testing, or hotels without any physical staff members, it’s certainly a space to watch,” Arthur said.

“We’re excited about the options.”

Virtual reality experiences are already available in destinations like Hamilton Island in Queensland’s Whitsundays, and more hotels are utilizing technology like app-enabled check-ins, electronic keys and robot-delivered room service.

Even baggage is undergoing a 21st century makeover, with the latest travel accessories sporting traceability functions.

“New and innovative options include features such as built in battery chargers, GPS tracking or a built-in scooter,” Arthur said.

Thanks to improved accessibility and travel options, even our preferred destinations are expected to evolve in the next few decades.

Data from Skyscanner shows places like Myanmar, Nicaragua and Brazil are frequently being searched by Australian travelers in contrast with more traditional destinations like the UK, Europe and the US.


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