US, Australian Embassies Issue Terrorist Attack Warnings in Malaysia


THE US and Australian embassies in Malaysia have warned of a potential terrorist attack at a popular hawker street in the Malaysian capitol, Kuala Lumpur.

The US Embassy issued an advisory Thursday announcing they have credible threat information and urging citizens to avoid Alor Street in the city centre and surrounding areas. The advisory said that terrorist organizations had in the past planned attacks to coincide with significant dates, but gave no other details.

The Australian Embassy issued a similar alert to its citizens based on the U.S. threat warning.

Malaysian police said Friday they detained three men, including two foreigners, for questioning over their possible involvement in terrorism after the warnings the day prior.

A Malaysian, an Indonesian and a Syrian, aged between 30 and 51 years, were picked up Thursday as part of an ongoing counterterrorism operation, said national deputy police chief Noor Rashid Ibrahim.

He said one of them often visited Yemen and entered Malaysia a few days ago. No details were given about the others.

Malaysia has arrested more than 100 supporters of the Islamic State group in the past two years, some of whom were allegedly plotting attacks in the country. They included civil servants and members of security forces.

Police said they were held for offences such as raising funds for the militants, recruiting Malaysians and getting weapons for attacks targeting Kuala Lumpur and other strategic locations. No attacks have occurred in Malaysia.

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