Aussies Show Overwhelming Preference for Queensland Resorts


Recent findings reveal that sun, sand and increasingly, culture are what Australian families seek most in a resort holiday.

The survey, by Holidays with Kids, found that 9 of the Top 10 resorts for Australian families are in Queensland, and that when travelling overseas, parents are most likely to select resorts with access to local culture.

As Australia’s highest circulating family travel magazine, Holidays with Kids was able to poll an enormous 58,000-strong database to find readers’ favourite resorts in Australia and overseas.

All but two of Australian families’ 10 favourite over-four-star Australian resorts are in Queensland, headed by Sea World Resort and Water Park on the Gold Coast, which is home to 6 of the Top 10. Six of the Top 10 Australian resorts in the four-star-and-under-category are in Queensland, with Paradise Resort Gold Coast at number one.

Each resort was judged by readers on various factors, including facilities and activities for kids, quality of accommodation, standards of service and hospitality, value for money, and overall experience.

“Our survey showed Australian families can’t get enough of sun and sand and they’ll travel north to chase the warmth,” said Holidays with Kids editor in chief, Cathy Wagstaff.

“The resorts they liked most are near the beach and often on the Gold Coast but they also deliver value for money and boast first-class children’s facilities, which parents see as key in their holiday planning.”

“Overseas, beach destinations in places like Fiji, Hawaii, Malaysia and Bali are popular, but access to local culture is a rising trend where parents want their kids to experience the colour and flavour of foreign cultures.”

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