Flying to the Gold Coast Just Got Easier


With Qantas and Jetstar commencing services to the Gold Coast later this month, the region is about to see an enormous influx in domestic aviation visitors.

The visitors will come mostly from Victoria, after Qantas commences its Melbourne-Gold Coast service on the 25th and Jetstar commences its Avalon-Gold Coast services the 26th.

Reports indicate that at the end of September, 20,000 seats had already been sold on Jetstar’s new Avalon service.

The Gold Coast is anticipating an additional 110,000 seats, many of which will originate from Melbourne, with Jetstar becoming the main tenant of Terminal 4 from November 2015.

The Gold Coast is also anticipating more arrivals from Wuhan, China, after Gold Coast Airport and Gold Coast Tourism today welcomed Jetstar’s inaugural service between the two regions. These direct flights are the result of a landmark agreement with Jetstar and Hubei Wanda New Airline International Travel Services Co. Ltd.

Central China represents a new frontier for the Gold Coast in our marketing efforts in China. With existing air services from Southern, Northern and Eastern China, the addition of these Jetstar services from Central China greatly enhances the overall accessibility of the Gold Coast in this critical growth market.

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