Australian Families File Law Suit for MH17 Trauma


The families of the Australian victims of the MH17 flight tragedy are suing Malaysia Airlines in a class action lawsuit.

Of the 298 people on board MH17, 40 called Australia home, and Shine Lawyers is preparing to seek compensation for serious traumatic disorders such as depression and anxiety experienced by the families of those victims.

The Dutch Safety Board report released this week showed that Malaysia Airlines failed to conduct its own risk assessment before flying over eastern Ukraine on July 17 of last year, said Shine Aviation Law expert Thomas Janson.

The report also revealed requests by the Dutch Safety Board to interview officials from Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation were not granted, and additional documentation was not provided.

Mr Janson said he intends to prove negligence by Malaysia Airlines, and establish the carrier was to blame for the suffering of passengers’ relatives.

“These people have not been able to move past the disaster,” he said, “And hopefully legal action in respect of the disaster will offer some sense of closure and enable accountability on the part of Malaysia Airlines.”

Mr Janson said the class action against Malaysia Airlines would not be held in court until the Joint Investigation Team completed its work on the criminal aspect of MH17, but he was confident of mounting a strong case.


A statement from Malaysia Airlines Systems said the company was continuing to co-operate with authorities on all matters pertaining to the loss of flight MH17.

“Our support to the families will remain until all issues are completed,” said the statement.


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