The Hottest Destinations of 2016: Australia’s Still Got It


The Lonely Planet has released “Best in Travel 2016,” the highly anticipated travel guide highlighting and recommending the best destinations around the world in 2016, and Australia has once again made the lists.

Australia ranked sixth on the guide’s Top 10 Countries list, which was topped by Botswana and followed by Japan and USA.

Australia also featured in 9 other Best in Travel 2016 lists, including Western Australia (#10, Best Value Destinations), Melbourne (#4, Most Accessible Destinations), and Fremantle (#7, Top 10 Cities).


“Fremantle thrums with live-music rooms, hipster bars, boutique hotels, left-field bookshops, craft-beer breweries, Indian Ocean seafood shacks, buskers, beaches and students on the run from the books,” Lonely Planet says.

“In 2016, Freo is bearing the fruits of this process, with thriving urban culture and a string of awesome arts events celebrating the city’s essence.”

Now in its 11th year, the Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2016 book compiles the best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences for the upcoming year, and making the cut marks a huge opportunity for Aussie marketing.


“Australia’s challenge has never been getting onto people’s travel wish lists, but more around translating our destination’s strong appeal into more actual visits,” said Tourism Australia’s managing director John O’Sullivan.

“A key focus of our marketing this year has been around the promotion of our indigenous tourism industry, so it’s really pleasing to see this called out as one of our unique selling points and competitive strengths.”

Some 6.9 million international visitors travelled to Australia in 2014, up 7.6% from 2013 figures, and marketing plugs like Restaurant Australia have helped bring the numbers up since then.

“I think we’ve shown, with Restaurant Australia, that if you identity an opportunity and really go hard, you can deliver impressive results,” O’Sullivan said.

“As acknowledged by the Lonely Planet team, there’s probably never been a better time to visit Australia,” he added.

Previous Australian sites featured in the Lonely Planet’s guide include Tasmania in the Top 10 Regions for 2015 and Adelaide making the Top 10 Cities list for 2014.



1. Botswana

2. Japan

3. USA

4. Palau

5. Latvia

6. Australia

7. Poland

8. Uruguay

9. Greenland

10. Fiji


1. Kotor, Montenegro

2. Quito, Ecuador

3. Dublin, Ireland

4. George Town, Malaysia

5. Rotterdam, the Netherlands

6. Mumbai, India

7. Fremantle, Australia

8. Manchester, UK

9. Nashville, USA

10. Rome, Italy


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