Carnival Cruises Spooks Sydney on Halloween


Carnival Cruises’ Australia-based Spirit was in Sydney on the eve of Halloween, and jumped on the opportunity celebrate the holiday in style.

Vice president Jennifer Vandekreeke highlighted the celebrations across Carnival’s 24-ship worldwide fleet.

“We wanted to share some of that frightful fun with Sydneysiders by doing something big that screamed Aussie Halloween,” she said.

Carnival set up an enormous two-story Redback spider to overlook Sydney Harbour from Carnival Spirit’s bow, and conducted a nation-wide survey of what scares Aussies the most; spiders, apparently, followed by public speaking, heights and the dark.

The survey of more than 1000 Australians also revealed that a fifth of respondents believe October 31 is about scaring people, and more than a third dress in costume as something scary like a witch or a ghost.

Carnival was not the only cruise line to put on a display this week. Over in Melbourne, P&O Cruises Golden Princess – the largest cruise ship ever to be based in Victoria – was welcomed by two colossal golden curtains, which were flown out to the ship by two helicopters as it sailed down Port Philip Bay. The curtains were then theatrically drawn apart to reveal the ship to its new homeport.

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