Prime Time for Holiday Booking Just Weeks Away


New research has revealed that half of holiday season travellers wait for last minute deals before booking. For those looking to purchase holiday season tickets at a reasonable price, this means the ideal window for booking flights and hotel reservations is coming up fast.

The travel data, gathered from insights firm ADARA’s relationships with more than 90 global travel brands and real-time analysis of travel searches, revealed that in 2014 only half of all Christmas period flights had been booked by November 17. Meanwhile, half of all hotel reservations for the period were booked after December 14.

The findings suggest that the “sweet spot” for Christmas travel bookings this year falls between November 17 and December 14, according to ADARA president of media Elizabeth Harz.

“By getting their message and offers in front of potential travelers today, marketers can help drive consideration and bookings during this critical time period for holiday travel,” she said.

The data showed that travellers most likely to book in advance were families making early air travel plans to avoid hefty fares. However, when it came to accommodation, families were more inclined to hang out for last-minute deals, with half of family bookings in 2014 made only one week in advance.

So if you’re travelling this December, get your flights booked soon — but not too soon — to score the best deals of the season.

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