Upcoming Strike to Cause Major Airport Delays Nationwide


Australian Border Force workers will walk off the job at all international airports for 24 hours on 9 November, potentially stranding thousands of travellers nationwide.

The day-long stoppage follows a series of two-hour strikes throughout September at airports across the country as part of an ongoing dispute over pay and working conditions.

Now, the strike has escalated in to a nationwide protest, with all workers acting simultaneously. The nationwide strike is designed to prevent the Australian Border Force from covering for localized strike actions by flying managers around the country to act as strike-breakers, a practice known as ‘surge deployment’.

Community and Public Sector Union national secretary Nadine Flood said the upcoming strike will cause far greater disruption than earlier actions.

“We expect Border Force to continue their expensive and heavy-handed tactic of flying managers around the country to act as strike breakers, but it’s clear that many of them know that this divisive tactic is doing nothing to resolve this dispute,” she said.

The strike will include Border Force officers who usually check passports and arrival cards, and other employees carrying out passenger screening and customs inspections.

With around 90,000 international travellers passing through Australian airports every day, the strike is sure to cause long queues and chaos at all international airports.



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