Aussies Don’t Mind Holiday Repeats, Study Says


Apparently, Aussies harbour a sense of nostalgia when it comes to choosing their holidays.

Recent findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal more than 1 in 5 Australian vacationers chose the last holiday destination based on that they had been there before.

In the 12 months leading up to September of this year, nearly 13 million Australians over the age of 14 took at least one holiday. For their last trip, 2.8 million people (or 21.2% of travellers) chose to take their holiday somewhere they had previously visited.

The hottest “repeat” holiday in Australia was the North West Coast in Tasmania, with 42% of last year’s visitors saying they had chosen it based on their previous experience.

Runner-ups include the Victorian High Country with 37.8% of travellers revisiting the destination, Southport (36.9%), Eyre Peninsula/Port Lincoln/Ceduna (34.8%), and Noosa (33.5%).

Angela Smith, Group Account Director, Roy Morgan Research, says: “There’s something to be said for multiple holidays in the same place,” says Angela Smith, Group Account Director at Roy Morgan Research.

“They allow the traveller to get to know the destination, and possibly some of the locals, and feel less like a tourist.”

She also pointed out that most of the popular repeat destinations are coastal; a possible reflection of Aussies’ inclinations towards beach holidays.

“With a detailed understanding of the kind of person who holidays in the same destination more than once, tourism operators, car hire businesses and holiday rental companies will be better placed to build relationships with these travellers, benefitting both parties in the long term… ”

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