Aussies Still Stranded in Bali


Eruptions from Mt Rinjani have disrupted flights in to and out of Denpasar airport for days, leaving many Australian travellers stranded on the Indonesian island.

Conditions are deemed unsafe to fly, disrupting plans for thousands of travelers.

Flights between Australia and Bali have been affected since November 3, after the volcano first erupted, filling the sky with clouds of thick smoke and ash.

On Sunday the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre informed the airlines that conditions around Denpasar Airport may improve during the day, allowing limited flying during daylight hours, according to Sky News. A few travellers managed to make the trip home from Bali on Sunday, but Virgin Australia and Jetstar cancelled all Monday services to and from the island due to limited visibility from the volcano’s ash.

Four Jetstar planes attempted departure from the airport on Tuesday but were soon forced to turn back midair because of poor visibility.

Jetstar and Virgin have earmarked a limited number of flights for departure from Denpasar Airport if conditions improve on Wednesday.

Virgin Australia has also cancelled all flights for Tuesday while Jetstar says it will provide an update on Monday evening, reports

Both airlines have offered passengers booked to fly to Bali the option of travelling to alternative holiday spots.

“While we’re hopeful conditions will be safe for us to operate all services tomorrow, experience over the past week has shown the ash cloud position can change quickly,” said Jetstar, reports Huffington Post.

“We will update customers if our flying plans change. Jetstar has contacted customers booked on recovery flights directly. All originally scheduled flights to and from Bali on Thursday have been cancelled.”


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