Two Paris-Bound Flights Diverted After Bomb Threats


Two Air France flights bound for Paris from the U.S. were diverted after bomb threats, reported CNN.

Both planes landed safely Tuesday night.

The first plane, flight 65 en route from Los Angeles to Paris, was forced to land in Salt Lake City when a bomb threat was telephoned in to ground staff after the plane took off, Air France confirmed.

The plane landed safely and passengers were taken to the airport terminal by bus, according to

Shortly afterwards, the second Air France flight (flight 55) heading for Paris’s Charles De Gaulle Airport from U.S. capitol Washington DC was diverted to Halifax, Nova Scotia, after another bomb threat, reported CNN.

Both flights were thoroughly searched and given the all-clear by Canadian and U.S. authorities.

Regardless, CNN law enforcement analyst Jonathan Gilliam said there are reasons for serious concern.

“One thing that has to be clear is that we may call this a hoax, but the reality is, terrorism — which we see going on in France right now, and here — is a tactic used to affect a psychological or political change on a community. And that is what this is,” Gilliam said.

“It may be a hoax, as far as a bomb threat. But this is terrorism.”

The security scares come in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks last Friday.

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