More Australians Staying Local for the Holidays


Each year, Australians travel across the country and world to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. The UK, Indonesia, and New Zealand have all been historically popular destinations in late December. But this time around, Aussies are opting for more regional destinations.

The UK is no longer one of the most popular Christmas destinations for Aussies this year, according to travel search engine

Due to the weakening Aussie dollar, reports ETB Travel News, more Aussies are making their holiday plans in Australia.

The Skyscanner data, gathered from users’ flight search data, showed that Hamilton Island entered the top 10 domestic destinations list. Most local cities, except for Sydney and Melbourne, moved up by at least one position on the list.

“The Christmas and year-end period is always a popular time to travel as it’s the best time to take a break, wind-down from the year, celebrate the festivities or catch up with loved ones at home,” said Emily Callahan, Senior Marketing Manager at Oceania Skyscanner, reported ETB.

As flight fares tend to fluctuate due to sophisticated price management systems, it is best not to leave booking to the last minute.”

Whether travellers are looking to travel domestically or internationally this year end, subscribing to Skyscanner price alerts will help to monitor fares so that you can book your flights when the price drops. Searching by ‘Whole Month’ view will also help you easily identify the cheapest day to fly, so that travellers can get the best deal.”

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