Melbourne Cruise Ships Evacuated After Explosion Scare


Hundred of passengers on two cruise ships disembarked after an explosive scare at a Melbourne pier last Friday.

Cruses Spirit of Tasmania and a Dutch-registered cruise ship from the Holland America Line (MS Noordam) were evacuated and on lockdown after sniffer dogs detected a suspicious scent, according to Travel Weekly. The ships and Station Pier were declared safe by Friday afternoon.

The dog, being used by a private security company, detected what it thought were explosives in a plastic-wrapped pallet of tinned tomatoes, police spokeswoman Jo Dolan said, reports The Age.

“It’s really about getting the passengers on board the vessel,” Port of Melbourne Corporation chief executive Nick Easy told AAP.

“It was a precautionary measure that was taken and this is the best possible outcome,”


Passengers said the evacuation went smoothly, but some were concerned about their safety.

The explosive scare came after a separate evacuation of Southern Cross station and nearby buildings last Tuesday, after a suspicious package was found near the station’s entrance.

Police later determined the package was only a shoebox.


Dorothy Stein, from Scotland, told AAP: “I think it is a little bit of a worry in view of what has happened in Paris.”

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