Aussies Still Eager to Head to Bali, Despite Weeks of Flight Delays


Mount Rinjani began erupting in late October after five years of inactivity. Since then, poor visibility due to volcanic ash has caused flight cancellations and delays in to and out of Denpasar airport for thousands of passengers.

A series of flights en route from Australia to Denpasar have had to turn back just this week, and Virgin Australia has cancelled the rest of its Bali flights tonight, according to


Tomorrow’s scheduled flights are currently under review, with Jetstar awaiting news from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre before it decides whether to operate services to Bali this evening.

Despite the turmoil, Bali remains the most popular destination for Australians traveling internationally this summer, according to a study by TripAdvisor.

In the Summer Holiday Value Report, according to Travel Talk Mag, Bali beat out 9 other high ranking international destinations in overall popularity.

Bali also came out on top as the best value destination for the summer travel period (1 December 2015 to 29 February 2016), with the week starting 30 November as the least expensive time to visit over the three months.

“The cost of summer holidays can add up as people are travelling further afield in search of a beach or city break, but a summer trip doesn’t have to break the bank,” TripAdvisor communications director, Asia Pacific, Janice Lee Fang said.

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