Emirates predicts a list of popular travel destinations for Australians in 2016


In 2015, Australians showed a different taste in terms of travelling. While we could not think beyond some classic destinations such as London in the past years, 2015 showed a growing interest in exploring new destinations representing diverse culture and traditions.

emirates top travel destinations 2016

Emirates sorted out five top destinations that Australians especially favoured for travelling in 2015. Dublin, Barcelona, Rome, Stockholm, and Amsterdam were on the top of our interests, reflecting a newly developed tendency to embrace unique travel experiences. According to Emirates’ Divisional Vice President for Australasia, Barry Brown, the top five fastest growing destinations in 2015 were unlike any destination that Australians have been to previously.

Based on bookings in 2016, Emirates has conjectured that Australians will continue their travel-fest and explore a few new destinations. Along with the classic tourist attractions, the airline predicts Munich, Oslo, and Bologna to make their way into the top of the list. Other possible hot trends could be spending longer leisure holidays and travelling to more than one destination at a time.

emirates top travel destinations 2016

Emirates offers one-stop travel to 38 destinations in Europe alone. Recently, the airline has opened more routes to new destinations, allowing the Australian travel enthusiasts plan their tour the way they like – whether to enjoy a weekend on a luxury river cruise or to make an adventurous self-guided journey.

emirates top travel destinations 2016

Travellers who want to explore more than one European country will find Emirates’ services rewarding because of its rail partnerships with Trenitalia in Italy and TVG Air in France and the offer of same price for flying into one destination and out of another. In addition, the airline’s offer of a stopover in Dubai is going to be something exciting for them.

emirates top travel destinations 2016

Want to book a trip? Contact your local travel agent or visit Emirates website.

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