Australian man dies in a snowmobile accident in Canada


A snow tour at late night can be dangerous, especially when you are in Canada, a country notorious for its extremely cold and heavy-snow winter.

An Australian man, 65, lost his life on a late-night snowmobile accident in Whistler, Canada. The fatal crash left his female passenger, 54, injured.

The accident happened at 11pm local time on New Year’s Day. Canadian Wilderness Adventures confirmed the death of the man through a statement. The female passenger was taken into a Vancouver hospital after the arrival of emergency services. Staff and a nursing student on the tour primarily gave them first aid but could not save the injured man, who was pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics.


Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

According to the statement, the accident happened after the male driver lost control of the snowmobile, which then went off the track and collided with a tree.

Global News quoted an eyewitness Kimberly Palmer who said that the accident took place when the group was getting around a small turn. They were supposed to take the turn but could not as the driver had lost control of the vehicle, which just flew off the side.

The News Corp Australia published a statement released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade saying that they were providing consular assistance to the families of both the dead man and the injured woman.


Image Courtesy: Sydney Morning Herald

The company that had arranged the snow-tour expressed their condolences to the friends and families of both the victims.

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