Wicked Campers Offer ‘Cheeky’ Discount to Travellers


Wicked Campers We Believe in the ExperienceSome travellers are yelling: “Lewd!”  Others say it’s just a clever way of promoting Wicked Campers’ latest travel offer.

Australian based, campervan company, Wicked Campers (WC) unleashed its latest witty discount: “Come into any of our Wicked locations wearing nothing but a smile and we’ll give you an EXTRA FREE DAY on top of your booking!”

Wicked Campers promise is to offer an additional day of hire, free of Wicked Campers-naked-backpackercharge to all patrons who show up at one of their WC offices butt naked.  No need to adjust your viewing screen – Yes – You read it right the first time!

John Laughton, Manager of the Cairns office says that many people have already taken advantage of the offer with “an equal mix of guys and girls” showing up, baring all to cash in.

Wicked Camper-vagazzleWicked Campers is certainly known for their ‘cheeky’ advertisements.  In fact, they’re currently offering “Vagazzle.”

The crazy campervan company wants to give “… sexy discounts to people with a bit of jingle on their genitals!  You don’t have to show us – we believe you! Just tell our Roadtrip Planners you’re rockin’ a shiny hine.”

They even offer the “Virginity Special.”  Wicked Campers will give you a “sweeeeeet discount” in exchange for the story of how you lost your virginity.

Wow!  We’re thinking “kinky” only mildly describes their artistic approach to marketing.

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