Latest Australian cruise line makes maiden voyage to Sydney


Azamara Club Cruises, the latest Australian cruise line, started its journey with a 686-passenger boutique ship, Azamara Quest. The first voyage of the first season Down Under was made to Sydney, showing a strong growth and significant development in the local cruise market.

The 180 metre, 30,000-tonne Azamara Quest first arrived in Australia before sailing for this Australasia tour on December 28, 2015, as part of a 16-night Bali-to Cairns tour.

The ship will port at White Bay Cruise Terminal after being arrived at Sydney on Thursday. It will then set off on a 16-night Sydney-to-Auckland tour harbouring at the ports around the country and New Zealand. It will then return to Sydney, before going back to Asia.


Image Courtesy: Iglu cruise

Australian cruising has been continuously booming in recent years and the arrival of a new cruise line is an add-on to the local cruise market.

In 2014, over a million Australians took a cruise ship journey, which was 20.4% up from 2013. This significant growth made the country the fastest-growing cruise passenger market in the world last year.

Azamara Quest is a smaller ship with a higher crew-to-guest ratio, unlike other ocean cruise ships. The ship is able to offer more overnight calls, night touring, and itineraries with longer stays for its smaller size.


Image Courtesy: Adventures All Around

According to, Azamara will deploy to Australia for another two cruise seasons, catering to the increasing local demand for luxury cruise tours. Azamara Journey will arrive in Australia 2017 while Azamara Quest will return in 2018.

Azamara Cruise Line is a subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Cruise, the owner of the biggest ships in the world. The parent company schedules total four ships for Australia for the 2015-2016 season.

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