Australian couple’s Bali holiday ruined because of silly injury


An Australian couple was enjoying their blissful Balinese holiday, completely unaware of what tragedy was waiting for them.

Michael and Kathy headed to their hotel pool on the fourth day of their holiday. She jumped into the pool while he was sitting on a deckchair reading something. Suddenly, the deckchair collapsed and Michael found himself on the ground.

However, it was nothing but some pain in the neck that started later in the day. They decided to self-medicate just like other Australians do when spending holidays in a foreign country. But, the anti-inflammatories did not work and Michael passed the night with pain and broken sleep.


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The couple decided to see a doctor and went to a local hospital next morning. It was the beginning of their nightmare as the neurosurgeon diagnosed the pain as a fractured cervical spine, which is a serious condition and could turn into a permanent disability.

The hospital started quoting the surgery and medicine bills, which could reach to $13,000 in total. But, the couple did not have to spend anything as they had insurance.

They contacted their insurer, and were flown back to Australia in business class. Then, Michael was admitted into a hospital, had a spinal surgery, and was still recovering after six weeks.

The couple does not have any grudge for Bali as Kathy, who had been holidaying in Bali since she was 18, said that the accident could have happened anywhere.

Phil Sylvester, the travel safety expert at TID, says that the tripping and falling injury claims from travellers have been growing at an alarming rate. According to him, his company often gets claims from Aussie travellers who have tripped or fallen down on the roads and footpaths of Bali.


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However, Mr Sylvester says that the most common insurance claims from Aussie travellers are food poisoning or gastro problems, though he thinks Indonesian food is great.

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