Skydive Geronimo launches operations on Rottnest Island


It’s time to cheer up for the Rottnest Island visitors! Skydive Geronimo, which was previously known as Southern Skydivers, introduces tandem skydiving for the visitors of the Island.

The award winning adventure tourism business has planned the course of the skydive something exciting and exotic – which will make the divers jump from up to 15,000ft overhead the Island and land on the beaches of Bickley Bay’s and Salmon.

Geronimo operated the first Tandem Skydive on the Island on Thursday, January 14, 2016. The first lucky jumper was Rottnest Fast Ferries’ Jayde Ferguson and her skydive was televised to promote the adventure tourism activities on the Island.

Some other activities were also featured as a part of the promotion, including Rotorvation Helicopters’ Helicopter joy-flights and off-road Segway tours by Segway WA.


Image Courtesy: Skydive Geronimo

Paolo Amaranti, the CEO of the Rottnest Island Authority, said that the addition of Skydive Geronimo and its skydive operations would be something very exciting and exhilarating to the visitors of the Island. He also hoped that the skydiving activity would make visitors to see the Island from a completely new perspective.

Skydive Geronimo is an adventure tourism business. Before Rottnest Island, Margaret River Region was the first place where the company introduced tandem skydiving. Glenn Stutt, the Chief Instructor and Director of the company, said that the altitude covered in this skydiving would give views of the Island, Fremantle, and the Perth city beyond. He was also among the handful of people who did the first skydiving onto the Island last week. He described it by far the most beautiful place among more than 16,500 of skydives he had ever jumped.


Image Courtesy: Travel and Tour World

Geronimo’s tandem skydiving on Rottnest Island is available for everyone 12 years and older, with no prior experience required. You can visit their website for more information.

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