Gastro outbreak occurs on Diamond Princess cruise ship in Sydney


More than 150 passengers have become sick on broad the Diamond Princess cruise ship, a flagship of the Princess Cruise fleet. The gastro outbreak occurred when the ship was docked in Sydney.

According to a report from, many passengers started vomiting in the ship’s pools when it was tied up at Circular Quay’s overseas passenger terminal on February 5.

The cruise ship authority informed the South Eastern Sydney local health district about a gastroenteritis outbreak caused by norovirus, which causes diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting.


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Professor Mark Ferson, the Director of the district’s Public Health Unit, said that the situation was taken under control after treating a number of crew and 158 passengers at the ship’s medical clinic. However, no patient had to be hospitalized.

Professor Ferson also said, “The ship has instituted maximum control measures,” and more hygiene and cleaning procedures would be performed before the arrival of incoming passengers on board.

A passenger named Stephan Dinale told the Sydney Morning Herald that he had seen other passengers vomiting in the pools and running down the ship’s corridors covering their mouths.

A spokeswoman for the Princess Cruises said that they had quarantined all the patients to prevent the spread of the virus.


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The Diamond Princess was supposed to depart for a 12-day trip to New Zealand on February 5.

Princess Cruises is a part of US-based cruising giant Carnival Cruise Line and multiple cases of gastro outbreaks took place on many of their cruise ships in the past.

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