Decommissioned ocean liner could be restored to former luxury


Docked for two decades, an ocean liner could be sailed through the blue water again someday. Bigger than the historic passenger liner Titanic, the SS United States once used to sail at record speeds through the Atlantic Ocean to carry passengers.

On Thursday, February 4, the Crystal Cruise Lines announced its plans to restore the liner into its former luxury. The company estimated the overhaul to take a minimum of $974 million. However, the ship has to go through a nine-month feasibility study before the company can start any project to turn the huge steamship into an ultramodern commercial vessel.

The SS United States used to carry passengers – ranging from royalty to immigrants – across the Atlantic Ocean during its days of glory in the 1950s. The luxurious ship had three on-board orchestras to entertain the passengers.


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The ship was 301 metres, 33m longer than the Titanic and was the biggest ocean liner that had been ever built in the U.S. It was also the fastest ocean liner of that time as it made a record by crossing the Atlantic in three days, 10 hours, 42 minutes on its maiden voyage. The timing was a record until 1990.

After being decommissioned in 1969, the SS United States is currently in wrecked and rusted condition docked at an unused jetty on the Delaware River, Philadelphia, for two decades. A conservative group possesses the ship’s ownership while the Crystal Cruises has signed a purchase option.


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It is not the first time when a cruise line plans to renovate the historic ocean liner. The Norwegian Cruise Line took the same plan in 2003, which was not materialized eventually.

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