Tokyo to build the tallest building in the world


A futuristic building in Tokyo is going to beat the height of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The height of the Sky Mile Tower will be twice of the megatall Dubai skyscraper.

The Sky Mile Tower will definitely add to Tokyo’s already soaring skyline with its 5,577 feet height and eco-friendly design. With a cluster of islands at its feet, it will be located at Tokyo Bay.

According to the proposed plans, the building will be hexagonal in shape featuring a tapered structure with six interconnected ‘legs’ in order to resist the friction of wind. It will also be energy-efficient by reducing the wastage of heat and water.


Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

The building will have five residential zones and can house a maximum of 55,000 residents. The shared public facilities include hotels, restaurants, shops, health clinics, gyms, and libraries.

The development has been proposed by the Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, an NY-based architectural firm. It collaborates with another company Leslie E. Robertson Associates, which is an NY-based engineering firm.


Image Courtesy: Telegraph

Saudi Arabia is currently developing Jeddah Tower, a 3,280 ft-high that will be the highest structure in the world upon its completion in 2020. Alternatively known as the Kingdom Tower, the Jeddah Tower will accommodate 360 residential apartments, 121 serviced apartments, a 200-room Four Seasons Hotel, and the highest observatory in the world.

However, the Sky Mile Tower will easily beat that height when it is expected to be completed in 2045.

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