High Country Harvest’s Village Bonfires to delight the food lovers this May


Aussie food lovers should rejoice as the High Country Harvest, just like every year, is back this autumn. At least five Village Bonfires will be held under open skies across North East Victoria as a part of this festival from 13 to 22 May 2016.

The bonfires give a great chance to the food communities to celebrate the harvest by enjoying mouth-watering food items such as fire-roasted lamb, rolls made with free-range pulled pork, chestnut soup, new-season toffee apples, and mulled wine.

The travellers can also enjoy the taste of these fireside appetisers by choosing any or couple of programs from the 40 curated events taking place throughout the 10 days of the festival. To make the celebration more cheery and colourful, the streets, valleys, and mountains of the villages will come alive with colour.


Image Courtesy: Pieces of Victoria

According to the press release from the Tourism North East, the places where the Village Bonfire will be held are Kiewa Valley’s alpine foothills at Mount Beauty, the Winton Wetlands, the Delatite Winery at Mansfield, Rocky Valley Lake’s shores at Falls Creek, and the Moyhu Hotel located in the centre of the King Valley.

The events this year are delectable and exciting enough to win the heart of any adventure and food lover. You can take a winemaker-tour under the starry sky, take part in the annual Rutherglen Tweed Ride, enjoy a horseback ride, learn crumpet making, master the skill of lamb butchery, upskill creative campfire cooking, or do fly fishing. To make the festival yummier, many renowned restaurant and cafes of the region will participate in the festival with their special produce-driven Harvest Menus.


Image Courtesy: Pieces of Victoria

The High Country in Victoria is located nearly 3 hours northeast of Melbourne and you can get their by car, air, or train. The program of events will be on sale from March 1 and the festival will go on from 13-22 May.

To get more information about the harvest festival, visit the official website of High Country Festival.

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