Qantas to boost Australian flights with high-speed inflight wi-fi


Good news for Qantas customers! The airline has made a partnership with ViaSat, a global broadband services provider, to provide their customers high-speed inflight wi-fi from 2017.

A media release published on the Qantas Newsroom on February 23 unveils the news.

Inflight wi-fi service will be around ten times faster than the regular on-board wi-fi, enabling the passengers to stream online anything on domestic flights – from live sports, to their favorite TV shows. The new service will be provided by using the nbn network.

The first trial of the service will be started with a solo Qantas Boeing 737 aircraft equipped with all the necessary equipment later this year. The service will be officially launched from early 2017 in the entire Qantas Domestic’s fleet of B737s and A330s.


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Qantas’ partnership with ViaSat will give them access to necessary technological support to establish connectivity between their aircraft and ground stations and the high capacity KA-band satellite. The upgraded service will allow the passengers to download at the speed similar to what they use on the ground.

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, said that the sole purpose of this new venture is to make Australia the hub of the most excellent inflight wi-fi experience in the world. He said that they had long planned for introducing such a wi-fi system to the domestic aviation market and the launching of nbn’s satellite helped it turning into a reality.

Mr Joyce said that their reputation as a premium carrier has made them committed to delivering value for money to their customers and the new wi-fi service is another step to fulfil that commitment.


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The Chairman of CEO of ViaSat, Mark Dankberg, said that they have the required equipment and technical capability to support any activity including watching online video or streaming live. The company is currently providing successful services to 1,500 flights daily.

With the introduction of high-speed inflight wi-fi for the domestic aviation market, Qantas is also looking at options for bringing the similar service across its international and regional fleet.

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