Vivid Sydney to extend five days in 2016


Vivid Sydney 2016 has been extended five more days! The festivalgoers, who have been planning to attend the world’s largest festival of light, music, and ideas, must be delighted at the good news!

Stuart Ayres, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events, described the festival as an undeniable force that has been growing rapidly. In a press release from Destination NSW, he said that the festival has grown into the largest of its kind in Australia since its beginning just seven years ago. He considered the festival as a key factor in creating Sydney’s image as the hub of the creative industry in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Vivid Sydney is a very popular festival, not only in Australia but across the world. Last year, a record 1.7 million people joined the festival, which was 25% more compared to 2014. It has been instrumental in transforming a relatively off-season into one of the most crowded periods in the year. The visitor expenditure to NSW reached a record $63.2 million last year.

According to Mr Ayres, extending the festival to five more nights has brought a good chance for the State’s travel industry and live performance and hospitality businesses to thrive more. He hoped the festival to shine even brighter this year.


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Sandra Chipchase, the Executive Producer of Vivid Sydney and the Chief Executive Officer of Destination NSW, said that the time expansion would allow the visitors to enjoy the colourful, vibrant, and musical festival even more.

Destination NSW, the tourism and major events agency of the NSW Government, is the owner and producer of Vivid Sydney. The festival will take place from May 27 to June 18.

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