Air NZ and Virgin Australia collaborate for searching aviation biofuel


Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand announced their joint venture on March 14 on the search of aviation biofuel. The alliance will allow the airlines to work together in their quest of probing options for locally produced aviation biofuel.

In order to carry their joint venture on, the two giant airlines are going to make a Request for Information (RFI) to the market. David Morgan, the Safety Officer Captain and Chief Flight Operations of Air New Zealand, said that their company is well aware of the environmental impact of aviation and recognises this RFI as a major project under its carbon management programme.


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Mr Morgan hoped that their company would be able to find out a supply of sustainable biofuel by working with Virgin Australia.

Robert Wood, the Head of Sustainability of Virgin Australia, said that their company is working for the progress of the region by establishing a solid aviation biofuel industry. According to Mr Wood, such an industry would establish long-standing fuel security for the aviation sector along with helping it to cut emissions.

Mr Wood added that their partnership with Air New Zealand for biofuel hunt would advance the regional aviation industry, which could not quite keep up with the international ventures benefitted heavily with aviation biofuel industry. He also hoped that their joint venture would help the region’s job sector by creating many high category jobs.


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Both the airlines are currently looking for more companies to respond to the RFI. The deadline is May 30, 2016, and the companies expect the interested parties to ensure that aviation biofuel provides social, economical, and environmental benefits.

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