People respond positive in the poll for visa-free migration bloc in Australia, NZ, Canada, and UK


Overwhelming public support has backed well an initiative for a new visa-free migration bloc and Australia is invited to join the league that supports people to live and work freely in a couple of ‘like-minded’ nations.

London Mayor Boris Johnson first proposed the notion of creating a ‘free mobility labour zone’ between four nations – Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand. Recently, several MPs and Lords in Westminster have started working to endorse the concept.

The Royal Commonwealth Society in London conducted a poll in which the people of four nations expressed their opinions about the proposed bloc. The result was published on March 13 and majority of the participants voted in favour of it. The poll shows that 82% of New Zealanders, 75% of Canadians, and 70% Australians supported the move.


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Though the move was initiated in Britain, it garnered less support among the British compared to people in other three nations. Only 58% of the British supported it, which might be caused by UK’s current migration crisis with EU membership. A referendum in June will decide whether the UK will be in the EU.

Young adult (18-35 years) Australians and New Zealanders were the biggest supporters of this move, which was 90% and 80% respectively.

The initiative emerges as the British parliament plans to limit visas for non-EU migrants from April. This immigration policy has already affected the Australian workers, like the skilled migrants from all over the world, who want to work and live in the UK.


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Lord Howell, the former British Minister and the president of the Commonwealth Society, said that the poll result is a reflection of the Commonwealth nations’ willingness to create closer ties between them.

Tim Hewish, the director of policy and research of Commonwealth Society, said that as people have already given their verdict, it is now the responsibility of the parliament members to build political interest in their respective countries to move forward the establishment of a migration bloc.

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