New Zealand couple relives their cross-continental Volkswagen trip from the ’60s


Good memories are sweet and they are even sweeter when you have the chance to relive those cherished moments. A New Zealand couple, Ivan and Beth Hodge, has relived a world trip that they went out 56 years ago.

In 1960, Ivan and Beth was a newlywed couple who had been recently bitten by the travel bug. They bought a Volkswagen and decided to drive all the way home to New Zealand from London – the city they were living at that time.


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However, it was not the last time when their adventurous soul provokes them to explore the world. They made a cross-continental adventure in 1961 with their Beetle, travelling across Europe, Middle East, Asian subcontinent, and then returning to Auckland.

The couple, who are now based in Sydney, has always been somewhere since their cross continental journey in 1961. However, among their all expeditions, they have decided to relive their cross-continental Volkswagen trip in 1961.

The time has changed a lot and the couple is also aware that they were going to travel in a new and changed world. They now travelled with mobile phones and laptops and with a different perspective of the world.


Image Courtesy: Traveller

Ivan and Beth dusted off their old Beetle, made the tour again, and the car again landed them home safely after the journey. The Beetle will retire at Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology after the couple embarks on their last expedition – a trip around the North Island.

The couple’s original journey has been recaptured in a book titled For Love and a Beetle.

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