Jetstar criticised for charging family hundreds on rescheduled flights


Jetstar has hit the headlines again and this time too not for a good reason. A father slammed the budget airline for charging them hundreds of dollars for missing their flights home.

According to a report on, Chris Mawn and his family were supposed to fly back to their home in Sydney from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the place where they spent their holiday. However, they could not catch the flights on January 19 because his daughter was hospitalised after being stepped onto a venomous fish.


Image Courtesy: Sydney Morning Herald

Mr Mawn and his son flew back home while his wife stayed in Queensland with their daughter. They rescheduled the flights after apparently having assurance from a Jetstar employee that they would be refunded the $550 cost of rescheduling two flights. However, the airline later agreed to refund only $160 and reused to refund the rest. What was worse that the airline reportedly did not inform them that buying new tickets would be cheaper than rescheduling the booked flights.

A Jetstar spokeswoman responded to the accusation by saying that they have a compassionate policy of refunding money but that is applicable to only a range of exclusive scenarios. She said that they asked Mr Mawn to provide the doctor’s certificate to get the refund on rescheduling flights.


Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

However, the customer service skills of the Qantas airline have been under scrutiny for quite some time – for both good and bad reasons.

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