SATIC appoints Shaun de Bruyn as the new General Manager


The Board of the South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC) has announced the name of their new General Manager. The man who has chaired the position is Shaun de Bruyn, who was previously the interim General Manager of the organisation.

A press release from South Australian Tourism Industry Council states that the board has appointed Mr de Bruyn on a five-year contract. The Chairman of SATIC, Stuart Livingstone, said that a third party named the Hays Recruitment independently performed the entire hiring process. Mr de Bruyn has been picked up from a very competitive group, every member of which was shortlisted after a nationwide search. Mr Livingstone said that all the members of the interview panel were convinced of Shaun’s experience and capability of serving the organisation at a decisive moment.


Image Courtesy: SATIC

Mr Livingstone also praised de Bruyn’s role as the interim General Manager. According to him, Shaun accomplished many things in that position including reshaping the business and proposing the SATIC Strategic Plan.

With 20 years of invaluable experience in the tourism industry, Mr de Bruyn has access to a huge network in both public and private sectors across the State and has diverse experience of working in various sectors – government engagement, marketing and distribution, strategic planning, and more. As a sincere and committed person, he well understands how the tourism industry works and what significant role SATIC plays in the industry.


Image Courtesy: SATIC

The SATIC Board hopes that the inclusion of de Bruyn to the team would help the organisation to grow with great performance and prosperity.

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