New Glitch Arises For Qantas/Jetstar Dreamliner Jet – Comfort or Safety


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The new Boeing Dreamliner jet is being hailed as the first economical luxury airliner of its kind.  But experts say you may be sacrificing comfort and cost for safety!

Qantas and Jetstar Airlines just purchased 50 Dreamliners, with its first flights taking off in 2013, hoping you’ll be aboard.  In fact, recently, as part of its world tour, the Dreamliner made stops from Sydney to Brisbane.

But Chris Woods of Quo Vadis Labs and Sergei Skorobogatov of Cambridge University, both researchers, say a computer chip which is used to run the jetliner’s operating system has an undetectable “back door” which could allow illicit cyber activity by way of rejecting any operating commands given by pilots, and giving way to a cyber terrorist controlling the plane.

The report, which Woods and Skorobogatov released states:

“The great danger comes from the fact that such a back door undermines the high level of security in the chip making it exposed to various attacks…” The report goes on to say: “An attacker can disable all the security on the chip, reprogram cryptographic and access keys… or permanently damage the device.”

Boeing 787 Flight Deck

Wood suggests the “back door” has been put in place to add additional usefulness and service to the operating device, but it also offers a clandestine approach to accessing the chip devoid of a covert code or cipher which only the airline companies should have access to.

The same chip that is being used to operate the new Dreamliner can also be found within the automotive, military and medical trades, as well as consumer and mass communication items and products.

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