Grand Pacific Tours celebrate the agency’s 20th anniversary


New Zealand travel agency Grand Pacific Tours celebrated their 20 years of journey on April 1, 2016.

The company’s Managing Director, Peter Harding, said in a press release from Grand Pacific Tours that they had become able to form good relationships within the industry over the past 20 years. He also expressed his gratitude toward the New Zealand operators for providing the best possible services to their travellers.

Mr Harding continued saying that their entire team is excited to have the opportunity to celebrate the company’s achievements during these years. He added that they had taken greatest pleasure in introducing New Zealand’s spectacular destinations to the enthusiast travellers.


Image Courtesy: Travel Industry Network

Grand Pacific Tours offer all-inclusive holidays that provide every travel-related service to the travellers. It means that the travellers don’t have to be worried about anything during their vacation. In addition, all of their packages are budget-friendly and have been tailored to meet different travel tastes and durations.

However, the GPT have not limited their services within the NZ destinations. Over the last six years, the company has worked toward making an international presence, mainly in Canada and the UK. They are currently representing more than 20 percent of total travellers visiting these countries.


Image Courtesy: Grand Pacific Tours

Peter Harding established the GPT in Melbourne in 1996. His target was to provide the Australians with unforgettable holiday experiences in new destinations and innovative travel products in New Zealand.

The company started its journey with just four tours but is currently operating more than 200 departures a year. Visit the website of Grand Pacific Tours to know more about the travel agency.

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