Chernobyl nuclear accident site turns into a tourist attraction


How do you feel if you get the chance to visit a post-apocalyptic wasteland destroyed by a nuclear power plant blast? Well, leave the guesswork behind because now you can visit an actual atomic accident scene!

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident left Pripyat, a former Soviet city, a wasteland. The fallout zone, which is still radioactive, has become a site of attraction for tourists all around the world. Large group of travellers are swarming the place regularly to take a trip headed by tour guides armed with Geiger counters.

A reactor explosion melted the Chernobyl nuclear power plant 30 years ago. An exclusion zone, which is a 30km radius of radioactivated area, surrounding that power plant is currently the centre of tourist attraction.


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The exclusion zone in Pripyat is located approximately two hours north of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The city was evacuated after the explosion and the life there stalled 30 years ago, giving the visitors a glimpse of life under the former USSR.

The once bustling city is now eerily silent with abandoned schools, apartments, shopping streets, an amusement park, etc. where the only living sounds are the thumping of travellers’ footsteps. Pripyat will remain unsafe for at least another 24,000 years. However, some people still live in the city, defying the government’s warnings.


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People visiting the fallout zone are not allowed to touch or sit down on anything on the site. They are carefully screened before entering and swept for radioactive dist before leaving the spot.

The Chernobyl power plant exploded on April 26, 1986, causing the death of 50 people as the immediate aftermath. It was a dreadful and extremely fatal nuclear accident that can only be compared to the disastrous Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in 2011.

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