Halcyon House hosts Clicquot Beach House event


Australia’s hottest boutique luxury hotel successfully launched their ‘Clicquot Beach House’ event on Monday, April 18.

Being located in Cabarita beachside, there could be no property more suitable other than the Halcyon House for hosting the ‘Clicquot in the Sun’ coastal event. The goal of the two-day event was to show the guests how exciting and enjoyable life is with non-stop ‘Clicquot in the Sun’ action.

A number of Clicquot lovers from across the country joined the event to explore the surprises of Clicquot life that teaches how to celebrate the fun of endless summers. A daily calendar was followed that gave the guests chances to enjoy some wonderful experiences ranging from surf lessons, bike riding, yoga on the beach, to watch a Clicquot moonlight cinema. However, the guests also had the opportunity to join a poolside Clicquology cocktail session and a romantic flute of Veuve Clicquot on the beach at sunset.


Image Courtesy: ETB Travel News

Apart from having the chance of enjoying various activities and tasting exclusive drinks, guests were also entertained with a culinary tour-de-force where they got the chance of tasting signature dishes of Halcyon House head chef Ben Devlin.

Famous Australian designer Anna Spiro was on the charge of decorating Halcyon House for the occasion. She incorporated yellow into the decoration to keep up with the Clicquot theme.

Halcyon House is a chic boutique hotel that was previously a 1960s surf motel. Renovated into its current state, it was opened in May 2015. The hotel celebrates and features everything that small coastal town of Cabarita stands for. It inherits and proudly manifests a raw flavour of Australian surf beach setting.


Image Courtesy: Daily Telegraph

The Clicquot Beach House at Halcyon House is the mating ground of Australian sunshine and Veuve Clicquot, a perfect place to enjoy the true essence of Clicquot Life.

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