Chimu Adventures offers thrilling famils to travel agents


Great news for Australian travel agents! They now get the chance to experience the most exciting famils offered in the recent history of Australian travel industry.

Chimu Adventures, the travel company specialized at Latin America and Antarctica travelling, teamed up with Australian travel agency Bench International to provide the local travel agents and consultants a number of thrilling famils.

Chimu offered expressions of interest to the industry to operate tailored adventures to 80 wonderful destinations including Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, and Antarctica. In addition, its collaboration with Bench International is going to launch ‘Ultimate Famil’, a round-the-world famil extravaganza where agents will have the chance to travel to South America via Africa.


Image Courtesy: Chimu Adventures

Both the companies jointly hosted a mini roadshow of late in Melbourne and Sydney where 160 travel agents were invited to listen a speech from special guest Samuel Johnson and to take part in lucky draw, through which 10 travel agents were picked to have a spot in Ultimate Famil. The remaining spots will be given to the most successful travel agents for each operator, from January 27 to June 30, 2016.

Chimu adventures co-founder, Greg Carter, said that visiting the destinations would give the agents fist hand experiences, which are better and more effective than participating in seminars, webinars, and sales calls.


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Currently, 10 lucky agents are enjoying the Lares Adventure in Peru. Chimu urges the agents interested in their famils to register to their official website.

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