Passengers forced spending overnight inside SpiceJet aircraft


The passengers on a flight of SpiceJet had little idea that a merely two-hour trip was going to turn into an overnight nightmare!

The short flight turned into a nightmarish scenario when the Kolkata-bound Flight SG487 was forced to land at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur. The plane took off from Mumbai on last Sunday and nobody thought it would take more than two hours to reach the destination. But, the plane had to make emergency landing in Nagpur due to technical issues.

As it was not a usual stoppage for the airline, they were not entitled to any support or ground staff. In fact, the Time of India reported that SpiceJet had to fly in a mechanic to sort out the technical issue.


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The passengers were even more unlucky! The airline did not let them out into the airport and book a hotel to spend the night. Instead, the 190 passengers were forced spending the night inside the aircraft. A passenger even suffered a heart problem though it was not life threatening and the authority arranged an ambulance to take him off the plane.

Naturally, the whole situation was not pleasing and the stranded passengers vented their frustration and anger through social media. One passenger tweeted that they do not have access to water, food, or any kind of airport help.


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The plane took off to Kolkata the following morning. SpiceJet has not yet released any statement about the incident.

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