IVY League professor mistaken as a terrorist for scribbling on math problem on a flight


A flight of American Airlines has been delayed after a math professor has been suspected as a terrorist for scribbling on a math problem.

The airline confirmed that they delayed their Thursday flight bound from Philadelphia to Syracuse after receiving complaint from a passenger about suspicious activity of her fellow passenger, reported on news.com.au. It was later found out that the ‘suspected terrorist’ was University of Pennsylvania economics professor Guido Menzio and he was doing nothing but scribbling on a math problem.

The IVY League professor was flying to Syracuse to give a speech at Queen’s University in Canada’s Ontario. He said that his fellow passenger mistook his working on a differential equation for some sign language of a terrorist attack.


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A spokesman for the airline, Casey Norton, said that they deemed the allegations of that specific passenger against the math professor implausible and far-fetched. According to a report on The Washington Post, the woman initially told the flight crew nothing about her suspicion but that she was feeling ill to take the flight. She complained about Menzio when she was taken to another flight.

According to the Saturday report on The Post, Menzio does not even belong to a Middle Eastern country. Rather, the 40-year-old IVY League professor is an award-winning economist from Italy.


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Menzio told The Post that the ignorance of his seatmate and the rigidness of the airline’s security protocol were equally troublesome as the latter relies on the information from completely clueless people.

According to The Post report, the incident delayed the flight for more than two hours.

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