Air India flight delayed for a silly reason


A flight can be delayed for many reasons. It can be a natural disaster, technical malfunctions, or a medical emergency but an Air India flight on last Saturday was delayed for a silly reason – an employee of the airline refused to sit in economy class!

Last Saturday’s Delhi-Shanghai flight of Air India was delayed by two hours. Later, the Economic Times reported that the maintenance engineer on that flight refused to fly unless he was given a business class seat.

An official of the airline said that the engineer, who was flying on duty, was given an economy class seat since all the business class seats were booked but he refused to take that seat. Air India has not disclosed the name of the man but it has been confirmed that his action was against the rules of the company, according to which an engineer will be offered a business class seat based on its availability.


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The former head of operations at Air India and IndiGo, Shakti Lamba, believes it to be an example of what’s going wrong with the state-run carrier. According to him, the incident is nothing but an example of the carrier’s poor man management and disregard to their responsibilities.

However, it’s not the first time when the airline finds itself in a messy situation. A footage emerged last month showing the crashing of a disused aircraft of the company while being moved to its cadet facility with a crane. The airline also had to cancel one of its flights last year for not being able to organise its pilots.


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Air India has also been criticised for threatening to sack its 600 cabin crew members if they don’t lose weight and get to shape.

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