Qantas Air Thumbs its Nose Up at its Own Backyard – Tourism Australia


Snow-Australia-Skier 1Australia’s airline Qantas, bypassed Snow Australia and Tourism Australia by signing a deal to support and promote New Zealand – a deal worth $4 million.

Snow Australia is in front of an intense rivalry with New Zealand, thanks in part to the robust Aussie dollar and low air fares offered to travellers by New Zealand.

Snow-AustraliaIn fact Colin Hackworth, CEO of Snow Australia balked at the joint venture between Qantas and New Zealand, calling the deal “very disappointing indeed”.

The deal would consist of a 2-year advertising campaign, promoting how amazing New Zealand is, to markets such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the United States.

Hackworth is said to be let down by Qantas’ lack of support for their own industry stating:

“It upsets me greatly. We’re ending up with a government-sanctioned raid by a foreign power on Australia’s tourism industry.” 

“New Zealand is a direct competitor for us. Our industry is trying really, really hard and then for government just to allow another government to saunter into our market and launch a raid … “

“I just don’t think it’s good enough. New Zealand now takes 25 per cent of our snow holiday market and it is initiatives such as this which will no doubt keep it that way.”

Hackworth also said that 17,000 or more jobs have been created for Australia through its snow industry with limited assistance from Australia’s federal government.

Qantas-Airways-logoA Qantas representative, on the other hand, has rejected Hackworth’s claims that Tourism Australia is receiving limited assistance:

“We have a $44 million partnership with Tourism Australia to promote Australia internationally.”

“We highlight Australia’s world-class tourism attractions on every one of our flights, all over the world.

“In 2010-11, international and domestic tourists travelling with Qantas spent $25 billion here.

“We are a major trans-Tasman airline and it is perfectly appropriate for us to promote New Zealand as a tourism destination, just as we promote a wide range of international destinations across the Qantas network.”

The ski season for Australia will formally begin in June during the extended holiday, celebrating the Queen’s official birthday, which is the 2nd Monday in June.

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