Sneakairs to guide travellers through unknown places


City maps and travel guides are two of the things that you should not absolutely forget while visiting a new destination. Well, now you can do that! You can just toss them away and happily roam around a foreign and unknown city without being worried about getting lost!

How’s that possible? Well, UK budget airline EasyJet has proposed a pair of smart sneakers that will guide you through unfamiliar city to your desired destinations. All you have to do is to follow your own feet!


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Dubbed ‘Sneakairs’, the sneakers will guide you towards your desired place by using vibration. They have built-in vibration sensors that give the direction by being connected to an app via Bluetooth. That app will use the GPS of your smartphone to find the correct location. The app+sneakers combo also has route recalculation feature and wrong turn detector so that it can guide you towards your final destination even if you willingly get lost in a place. The plus side is you don’t need to constantly look at the phone’s screen for directions because the app will run in the background.


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Recently, EasyJet has arranged for a trial run for the sneakers on the streets of Barcelona and the participants could successfully reach their destinations by wearing the prototype of the shoe.

EasyJet has not released any date for the sneakers to hit the market. However, one spokesman for the company said that the technology will be compatible to be used with almost any kind of footwear.


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Currently, the app needed to control the sneakers is available on the iOS platform. However, airline carrier hopes to release an Android version very soon.

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