Translating earpiece Pilot can solve language barrier problem


Language barrier is one of the top problems that travellers face when visiting a different country. Think of travelling to a country where people barely know or speak English and you constantly have to rely on your guide or others to work things out. Frustrating, right?

Well, you can tick language barrier off from your list of problems anytime soon, thanks to a newly developed in-ear translator! Developed by Waverly Labs, a New York City-based company, the smart earpiece can translate real time conversations between two people speaking in two different languages.


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Founder Andrew Ochoa said that thought of developing such a tool after meeting a French girl. The meeting of an American guy and a French girl does yield something super-handy and productive!

The news was first published in the British newspaper The Sun. According to the report, the headpiece, dubbed ‘Pilot’, uses translation technology and a built-in app to switch from one language to another.

Available in three different colours, black, white, and red, the headpiece set will come with a pair of extra earpieces, the app needed the earpiece to operate, and a portable charger. The product will initially be released with European-based languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish) with other languages such as Slavic, Arabic, Hindi, Semitic, African, and East Asian languages to be added gradually.


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The company has not yet confirmed any release date. However, they will be giving away one free headpiece every week until the date of launch for the sake of promotion. The product has already been receiving huge response on its Facebook page.

A crowd-funding campaign set up for the product has also been receiving good response from fans. Pilot could be sold in the market with an expected retail price of $US299 (around $AU410).

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