Virgin Atlantic plane for sale on eBay


Are you a collector? Do you like to collect weird, interesting things? Have you ever thought of enriching your collection with a jumbo jet? Interesting, right?

Well, a Virgin Atlantic plane is on sale on eBay and you can buy it if you can win the bidding auction. The price of Lady Penelope is $US900,000 and the starting bid has been set at $US299,000 ($AUS415,000). Currently, there’s no bid for the plane and the auction will be ended on Saturday.

Lady Penelope is Virgin Atlantic’s first 747-400 series jumbo jet that started flying from 1994. It has been kept in an Arizona aeroplane graveyard since its last commercial flight in September 2015 from JFK to Heathrow. Known as the Queen of the skies, LADY Penelope had a memorable career during its 25 years of service in the Virgin Atlantic fleet. It was one of the most fascinating aircrafts during its time though that charm exists no more.


Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet

With a wingspan of 211.5 ft, the aircraft has an overall length of 232ft. It has a 21-foot wide fuselage and 64-foot height. Lady Penelope was the first wide-bodied jet in the world.

Though the plane is yet to get its first bid, the page is receiving 1,552 views per hour!

Feeling interested? Well, before making a bid, you should know that you have to pay extra for the delivery and it will be sold without the engines and all key avionics. So, you’re basically buying the gorgeous shell of Lady Penelope, which according to the eBay seller, Concord Aerospace, can be a great addition to the collection of any aviation enthusiast.


The plane will be shipped to the buyer in sections. And, you can also buy separate parts such as the wings, cockpit, or the fuselage.

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