Australian man investigated for unruly behaviour on Bali-bound AirAsia flight


The Australian man who is under investigation for behaving inappropriately in an AirAsia flight has been allowed to return his hotel. However, 25-year-old Aaron Gerrard Dolden must be present before authorities when summoned for further investigations.

Dolden was taken under custody for unruly behaviour in a Bali-bound AirAsia flight. He was detained after the Sydney to Denpasar flight landed in Bali on Thursday. The authorities assumed that he might be under the influence of alcohol during the flight.

According to the aviation laws in Indonesia, Dolden could face a maximum $50,000 fine and two years in jail if the allegations are proved to be true. The Indonesian authorities will take the decision after seeing the results of his urine, physical, and psychological tests.


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According to a video footage recorded by the AirAsia crew, Dolden started making noises and shouting during the flight. The crew warned him several times but he rather approached the plane door and said that he could jump.

Yusfandri Gona, Transportation Ministry’s Bali and Nusa Tenggara airport authority chief, said on Friday night that the alleged man appeared very ‘sad’ after his detention. Dolden said that his claim of jumping from the plane was a joke but the authorities were not convinced.


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AirAsia crew reported that the alleged passenger was under the influence of alcohol though the authorities have not yet drawn any conclusion. Mr Gona said that they would again ask Dolden about the incident on Saturday or Monday and take decision after contacting with the Australian Consulate in Bali.

Dolden was on that flight with a group of his friends and was due to have a seven-day holiday in Bali.

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