Cute rescue dog appointed as a concierge at Park Hyatt Chicago


A hotel staff appointment could not become cuter than this! Park Hyatt Chicago has appointed a new concierge and everyone has gone wild over it! Why? Because, it’s a puppy!

The Park Hyatt Chicago in Magnificent Mile has appointed Parker, a one-eyed rescue pug, as their new concierge. This rare incident has obviously caught the interest of guests and everyone is now going gaga over this cute member of staff.

According to a report of Chicago Tribune, an animal welfare group PAWS Chicago rescued the five-year-old dog in Tennessee. She was suffering from various health problems including a urinary tract infection, decaying teeth, painful skin tags, and an irreparably injured eye. Later, Park Hyatt Chicago’s general manager, Walter Brindell, adopted the pooch, who now lives at the high-end hotel and ‘works’ as a concierge.


Image Courtesy: HRS

Wearing a Burberry bandana around her neck, Parker now does the job of greeting guests at the hotel front door and playing with them in the hotel lobby. She even sometimes escorts guests to their rooms. According to Brindell, Parker was the perfect dog for this job because she is a very reserved pooch who can get very friendly with the guests without being edgy or excitable.

Parker’s human colleagues now take care of her feeding, health, and medication with a smile on their face. She follows staff to meetings and sleeps on her own bed at the front desk.


Image Courtesy: Yahoo

Since the appointment of Parker, visitors and guests have been flooding their social media feed with selfies with Parker and the hashtag #barkhyattchicago.

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