Missing Australian backpacker’s body returned to family


The family of the Australian backpacker Rye Hunt is preparing to cremate his body and then bring it back to Australia. The 25-year-old backpacker went missing in Rio de Janeiro on May 21 and then the authority found his dead body in Marica.

On Monday, the Brazilian authority handed over Mr Hunt’s body to his uncle and girlfriend. They wanted to cremate it in a local funeral home and then bring the ashes back to Tasmania, Rye’s home state.


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Mr Hunt went to Brazil with another backpacker Mitchell Sheppard but the two got separated at the Rio airport after being involved in an argument, which the authorities think had stemmed from taking a highly potent hallucinogen drug known as NBOMe. Mr Hunt’s body was washed ashore at Marica on June 8. The authorities performed clinical tests to confirm that it is the body of the missing Australian backpacker.

For the last two weeks, Michael Wholohan, Rye’s uncle, had been searching for him in Rio. After being confirmed about Rye’s death, Mr Wholohan filed an appeal with a Rio court to have his remains cremated and repatriated. If the application has been granted, Mr Wholohan and Rye’s girlfriend will return to Tasmania with his remains on June 15.


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On Monday, Mr Hunt’s family released a statement saying that Rye had previously urged his body to be cremated after his death and scatter the ashes in Tasmania.

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