New Caledonia roadshow 2016 to offer agents groundbreaking experience


New Caledonia, the French island region in the South Pacific, is going to launch a series of ‘Soirées’ next month to exhibit its unique fusion of Melanesian tradition and French sophistication. The series of events will be a part of the annual trade roadshow organised by the New Caledonia Tourism Board.

The 2016 roadshow is going to take place between 25 and 28 July and its itinerary has been designed to educate the travel agents about four prominent cities in Australia and New Zealand. The agents will have the chance to take part in educational games and enter a draw to win lucrative prizes, including all-inclusive holidays to New Caledonia. And, that’s not all! There will be free-flowing champagne in the events for the delight of the attendees!


Photo Credit: New Caledonia Tourism

However, the main attraction of this year’s roadshow will be the first virtual reality experience of different destinations. In this process, agents can enjoy Isle of Pines’ fine white sand beaches or the diverse landscape of the Paris of the South without requiring setting their foot to those spots.

Claire Kaletka-Neil, the newly appointed sales and marketing manager of the New Caledonia Tourism Board, said that the roadshow would play an important role in making the agents more informed and knowledgeable about its advanced offerings and destination products.

Citing the success of last year’s roadshow, Ms Kaletka-Neil said that the event previous year had created a suitable platform for launching the first virtual reality campaign of destination this year.


Photo Credit: New Caledonia Tourism

Ms Kaletka-Neil continued saying that they wanted to keep up the momentum gained across the last year and from increased number of inbound Aussie visitors.

The roadshow will take place in Auckland on July 25, Melbourne on July 26, Brisbane on July 27, and Sydney on July 28.

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